05 August 2011

a postcard

from summer in the city.

these are the little scenes i missed last year, when i came just as summer turned to fall. the black eyed susans growing on city blocks, almost out of place but somehow not. central park, so alive and playful. reds and blues like i've never seen. 

i am coming up on one year in this glorious city, and also the last of my firsts. i've had a first thanksgiving, a first snow, and now a first summer afternoon. i expect to continue to be surprised; i don't think that will ever go away. but i also look forward to feeling comfortable and settled in the way that only real time spent in a place can bring. 

i once heard that it takes a full year to really know a place. i don't know if that it is true; i don't see how i will ever know all of new york. there is just so much of it, and i don't know that i even want to. there is a certain mystery about the place that i think i'd like to keep.


happy friday!

p.s. a bit later today i am guest posting over at the littlest things about a handful of small things that bring me joy in life. sophie lives in england, takes beautiful photographs, and has a lovely joie de vivre, so i encourage you to check out her pretty blog!


  1. I agree that New York is too big to know all of it. But that's the beauty of New York! Have a great weekend!

  2. I saw your "littlest things" post and the Peter & Wendy book makes me so happy--glad you bought it!