12 July 2011


once upon a time, i was born. 23 years later, i had s'mores for the very first time. i can't think of a particular reason for why i never made them before this weekend; the opportunity just never came. if it had, i would have been all over it. my college roommate made them in our dorm room and i had a s'mores brownie once, but never the real thing.

so my dad built a fire and taught me the art of roasting (not scorching) the marshmallows 
and i tried very hard not to hold it against him that it took so long to do this.


  1. Congratulations! I cannot believe this was your first S'mores experience! And don't worry, we all have a marshmallow fall off the stick and flop to the ground at least once! New tradition??

  2. Making s'mores in Patterson from my microwave definitely contributed to my "Freshman 15!" :)

  3. I cannot believe that you've never had a s'more before now!!! Like, seriously, how does one escape such a common and essential experience as roasting and making s'mores?! Growing up in Utah, building fires and roasting s'mores was a common summertime activity. It never occured to me that people in other places didn't do that! Anyway, s'mores are amazing. So I'm happy you've finally had the chance to experience one of life's great joys. :)

  4. What a great family treat! Looks like you are in Heaven and having a great time with family and friends. Going home is always a treat and throw in s'mores and you are making it perfect! We love making them on the beaches of Lake Powel every summer!

  5. Alexa!!! I am glad you finally had s'mores, even if it took you a solid 23 years!

    We will have to have a girls' night soon with s'mores over a gas stove!