08 July 2011

a postcard

from life at the lake.

 these days, life is looking a little something like this...

7:00 am. wake up with the sun, drink coffee on the porch.
8:00 am. walk jake, take a morning boat ride.
10:00 am. breakfast. maybe eggs and biscuits, maybe fruit and pancakes.
11 am - 3 pm. swimming, rope swinging, waterfall exploring, float lounging, or treasure hunting.
3:30 pm. arrive home just in time for afternoon storms. lunch. naps.
5:00 pm. showers, reading on the porch, chips with christy's famous dip.
7:30 - 9 pm. sunset boat ride (to iron & wine, if i am lucky). 
9:30 pm. dessert, porch reading, general merriment.
11:00 pm. fall asleep to a thunderstorm. sleep like a baby.
7:00 am. repeat.

days like these are necessary to life. i am sure of it. i am also sure that there is something completely
 wonderful about recognizing your own features and quirks in other people. it's one of the best things 
about family, you know?

 i could live like this forever.


  1. sweet girl, i couldnt love your blog any more if i tried!! :) i love how you write. i love your enthusiasm and perspective on life. i love your picture taking skills. you should arrange to take some pics of my newborn and not go back to nyc til you do ;)

  2. I completely agree with everyone above!!! You are so talented Alexa! Love these summer blogs, keep em' comin! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, PERFECTION! Perfection! I love this. I love that you are out there doing this. I am happy for you and your perfect vacation. Now I want to go on one! These pictures are so dreamy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day to me. My favorite part is "general merriment." :)