20 July 2011

just a smattering of scenes from the weekend farmer's market.

fruits and veggies fresh from the farm. artisan breads and bottled milk. wooden crates and painted flags. babies and balloons and dogs, oh my. cheap, beautiful flowers. and the sundresses!

i look forward to the farmer's market all week long. the atmosphere is simple and interesting, with a certain energy about the place, and i leave feeling happy, rejuvenated, and inspired. the perfect way to face a new week. 


  1. Is this the market in Union Square? I love browsing that place. Aside from the fruits and veggies, there's always something interesting to eat/drink. I love it when they have free samples of wine!

  2. Your pictures are wonderful, Alexa! I LOVE the carrots picture. LOVE IT.

    I need to go down there more! Johnny and I have not been since last summer!

  3. Oh how this market ruined my Greenville Farmer's Market experience! For shame!!

  4. Farmer's markets fulfill me. Those pics are amazing, Alexa.