06 July 2011

hunting for treasures.

yesterday afternoon we girls took a little trip over to ram cat alley, a historic street lined with eclectic stores, and for a few good hours, we lost ourselves in stacks and shelves of treasures from the past. 

i loved the whimsy, the character, the smell of the book bindings, and i wanted to take everything home with me. in the end, i left only with a strengthened suspicion that i was born at the wrong time. 


  1. This post reminds me of midnight in paris, which we saw last night and loved. How awesome are those old books?! I could see any of these treasures in your lovely apartment.

  2. Very jealous - I love hunting around for vintage treasures, but there is very little in the way of vintage out in Hong Kong where I've just moved.....

    Love the "Travels with a Donkey" book, what an insane name!