13 June 2011

the weekend.

if ever a weekend was low-key, this was it. 

the weather went from sunny and scorching to rainy and chilly and back to somewhere in between, and the unpredictability didn't leave much room for planning. maybe we will see shakespeare in the park (we didn't)....maybe we'll just stay in and watch movies instead (we did)...that sort of thing. 

so there was a little bit of everything: long walks in the park (and getting caught in the rain), take-out thai (the spiciest ever), swinging on swings (never too old), and i lived in a grey t-shirt (just felt right).

and, i fell in love with midnight in paris. i haven't loved a new film this much since i don't know when. the scenes of paris alone are worth going for, and the story itself is completely magical. i can't stop thinking about it. 


  1. Oh, I wish for a low key weekend like that. I really haven't had a do-nothing weekend in a long time.

    You sure sound like you enjoyed yourself.

  2. Are you visiting Stratford-upon-avon? Or do you live there?

    Its odd, as i live about two miles from Stratford :)


  3. I wanted to see Midnight in Paris! I've heard so many good reviews about it. These are very lovely photos.

    p.s. Following now (via bloglovin)!

  4. This post is so beautiful...I am so craving an early morning stroll through Central Park followed by a pretty latte, the farmer's market and a most amazing movie! I can't wait to see Midnight in Paris again!

  5. Midnight in Paris! I must see it. I love that city.