08 June 2011

thistles. and a year.

just some thistles from around my neighborhood. they have mostly gone away now, but at one time, they were along every sidewalk, in every garden. i don't think i have seen these before. if i have, i haven't paid enough attention. they are so fun. they make me want to make a wish. 


also of note: this week marks a year of this little blog. this time last year, my parents gave me
 my camera for my college graduation and i never leave home without it. this blog has become 
a sort of shelf for me to put things on...my photos, my thoughts, my observations on the world 
we live in.

 i've made friends here, too...interesting, kind, and inspiring friends from all over. in fact, my first
 friend in new york was a blog friend. if not for blogging, i wouldn't know that i share so much with
 so many, in every corner of the world. in a world that is both so big and so small, that is a wonderful thing to know. 

 and it's become a lovely addition to my morning routine as i take a few moments to simmer over the goings-on in my life and the world around me. it's hard not to feel cheerful when my first thoughts each day are ones of gratefulness and wonder. 

so thank you for stopping in, for reading, for sharing your thoughts, too. i really enjoy your company!



  1. Hooray for a year of blogging! I always enjoy reading your uplifting take on the world.

  2. your blog brings me much joy in the simple things. thanks for always sharing. it's like opening a present when i click your name on my sidebar in the morning :)

  3. Happy anniversary to your lovely blog! I am so happy you started blogging because if you hadn't I wouldn't know you! I am so glad we're friends, you are such an inspiration to me. Keep blogging! I love it!

  4. And we so love your blog. Your pictures are amazing and I feel like I am seeing a side of NYC that I never knew was there. Thanks so much!

  5. Thank YOU for sharing your unique views of the world! Your blog is part of my morning routine and I must say that I am disappointed if there is nothing new posted! I am certain to start my day with a smile when I wake up to your posts! I love you!

  6. Your blog is wonderful, and so are you! I love reading your inspiring, happy thoughts. And your pictures always lift my spirits :) I'm so fortunate to call you my friend, Alexa!

  7. Your blog is delightful and so inspiring. I am glad you share your life with me.