17 June 2011

a postcard

from me, to you. 

i am thankful for this good week, 
almond croissants from joe,
the lady who warned me about the puddle i almost sat in on the subway, 
and a strong and healthy body that takes me where i want to go. 

i am wishing all of you a happy, beautiful weekend. 
i am planning to have one myself. 

thank you for reading! see you on monday...

*photo from my best night in this good week. we had just run a 6k in central park together. it was hard and we felt awesome. i might still feel awesome about it.


  1. I am so proud of you for running that race! Is this the same girl who thought (along with her father I might add) that running was a purposeful infliction of pain on oneself and was completely insane?
    Seriously, this is a great accomplishment and it is so much fun to participate with friends. I am so glad you did it! XOXO

  2. congrats you are officially a runner! by the way, how'd you get that neat boarder around your photo?

  3. How I have missed peaks into your lovely life. Good for you, amaZing. xoxo