30 June 2011

on hydrangeas.

hydrangeas bloomed throughout my grandparents' yard in the upstate and all over charleston by the coast. i associate them with the south, with the place where i grew up, with the city where i went to school.

how happy i am, then, that they bloom here, too. big and blue, small and white, the deepest of pinks, the most delicate of purples, and always looking happy to meet me. 


  1. Beautiful. They aren't as common in Utah so I've loved seeing them around New York.

  2. I absolutely love hydrangeas. My favorite are the cream colored blooms. How lovely that they are blooming around the city!

  3. Mmmm... I love hydrangeas! I had wanted them in my bridal bouquet however they only bloom for a short period in September in Australia :-(

    These are beautiful pics!

    Sal x