15 June 2011

on clouds. and being a girl.

a couple of girlfriends, a box of *free* sprinkles cupcakes, and a corner of sheep's meadow to watch clouds and talk life from make me a happy, happy girl. 


sometimes i feel sorry for boys. they will never know the bond and friendship that can only exist between girls. sure, boys have their own unique relationships that we can never experience, but i can't imagine that it's quite the same...equal in importance, yes, but not the same. 

the understanding, the support, the inspiration that comes from my relationships with other girls is one of my favorite things about being a woman.  it's one of my favorite things about life, really. 


  1. Well-said. I feel the same way about my lady friends. And those cupcakes look mighty yummy.

  2. I agree -- nothing better than a good chat with one of your girls!

  3. I agree! Girlfriends are the best. (And I wish we could get together more often! Why is life so crazy?!)

    And Sprinkles is crazy with the free cupcakes! They give them out at least twice a week. We got them last Tuesday and they had them again on Friday. Then they gave them out yesterday, and again today! (I got one yesterday but today I was too late - all 50 were already gone.) I hope they keep doing this because it is amazing.

  4. Dido sweet friend!!

    P.S. You are too cute!

  5. This post makes my heart hurt just a teeny bit. The park looks green and beautiful and the cupcakes delish. I miss you girls and I miss NYC.