30 May 2011

the weekend.

i've had the most relaxing and indulgent weekend visiting with emory and travis. we've been so lazy, napping a few times each day and venturing out only for a walk to the farmer's market and the cheese shop, and a sunday drive down to york town. all of our energy has been poured into the kitchen and floating from one recipe in em's french cookbook to the next. 

  i don't know if it's the fresh air and wide open spaces, my return to the south, or the comfort of being in the company of my best friend, but something about this weekend has really done me good. 

the people, the food, the feel of life in slow motion--oh, it's been good. so good. 

1 comment:

  1. Miss you both a lot! Glad you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend full of food for the body and soul. :)