09 May 2011

the weekend.

an indulgent girls' night, hours spent reading and listening to the piano man in washington square, my first experience with glass-bottled milk (love), the first weekend in a month with all sunshine and no rain, and billowing clouds that seemed painted in the sky. 

the most notable moment of the weekend, though, occurred while i was strolling in the park on sunday afternoon: i felt at home. i've felt that i belong here since the very beginning, but this was different. i felt comfortable. later i realized that the day marked eight months since i moved here. coincidence? doubt it.


  1. Glass bottled milk is a beautiful thing. My girlfriends and I used to have milk delivered to our house every week and we absolutely loved it - even though it was a bit on the pricey side.

    And I'm totally digging your two-toned oxfords!

  2. I'm with Amanda, LOVE the shoes. And I love that you're feeling at home. What a beautiful realization. Alexa, I say it every time, but these photos are beautiful! I love the way you capture life.

    I miss you! We need to get together.

  3. I love that you are enjoying your milk in a glass bottle! I remember when I was little, the milk man used to come and deliver glass bottles of milk and place them in a little metal container outside our door. I would love it when we were home because sometimes he would have ice cream and he would just add it to our bill! I don't know that the milk is any better but nostalgia always seems to win me over!