05 May 2011

on morning walks and missing people.

i am working on overcoming the withdrawal that never fails to set in after a weekend with my family. it's hard to get back in groove of the week when my apartment suddenly seems too quiet and there is no one to talk with over coffee in the morning. our morning walks, long meals, and general enjoyment of each other's company filled me to the brim with joy. i seriously love those folks. and on days like today, when i am missing them the most, i feel so grateful to have people to love so much. 


  1. Awww, that's always rough. I'm sorry you're missing your family. It always gets better!

    Your photos are beautiful as always.

    And I am glad you made it back to Extra Virgin with the fam! YUM.

  2. Missing family is so hard. I've lived on the other side of the state, country and world from my family and it can be such a challenge. I think it is wonderful how you seem to capture some of the love you all feel for each other in the pictures and the fun! Looks like an awesome weekend! I hope this week has been better.