18 May 2011

blueberry boy bait.

i saw this recipe for blueberry boy bait around the time i discovered homemade poptarts and have been waiting for a long morning at home to try it. i had no idea what it was and i won't lie: i chose it mostly for the name and only partly for the blueberries. 


turns out, it's like a coffee cake....a moist, buttery, cinnamon sugary, blueberry coffee cake. and as far as i am concerned, things don't get much better than a sweater and socks, steaming coffee, and blueberry boy bait in the oven on a chilly, grey saturday morning. 

try it. you'll see.


  1. omgggggggggg this looks incredible! i lovee your photos, they are amazing. today I am baking some caramel slices in my sweater and socks while drinking coffee (you are definitely right - nothing does get much better does it?) but i so wish i was making this as well haha xx

  2. Man, I love your food posts. This looks incredible...