24 May 2011


for me, glass-bottled coke will always taste like the summer i was nine. i went to work with my dad a lot that summer and we often ate lunch at the hot dog stand down the road. over hot dogs and bottled cokes, we would talk about the day, about my soon-to-be-born baby brother, about how coke tastes better from a glass bottle. 

it's not often that i see coke in a glass bottle anymore, so i buy one whenever i do. i like to see if it still tastes better that way. 

it does. 


and what about you? what taste is a memory for you?


  1. I do the exact same thing..whenever i see a coke in a glass bottle i always buy it because it is definitely better than plastic bottle coke.

    no worries about tweeting about your blog :) you definitely deserve the recognition - i love your blog so much!! and YES we will meet in real life haha! i am dying to visit New York asap xx

  2. Alexa, your posts are so cute. Love your blog, and I totally agree. For me it's chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone rather than a cup. In the summer my mom would get that for me after her jazzercise classes. Haha

    Hope you're well!


  3. Coke in a bottle was a special treat at my house growing up! My mom would buy ONE 8 pack of pint sized Coke bottles every Saturday at the grocery store. It had to last us a whole week so I savored every sip! I love Coke in a bottle!