20 April 2011

sunday in the park.

picnics and bike rides and sailboats and artists. the blossoms are peaking, too. 

it's when the city and everybody in it comes out to play.


  1. Oh my beautiful! I love these pictures and I love the park right now. So beautiful. This is the best time of the year! (I always say that. This is ONE of the best times of the year, at least!)

  2. Hi Alexa, funny you should comment on my blog, cause I was just asking Angie yesterday how our good friend Alexa was and how you were loving the City. ha ha ha
    I feel like you are my friend because of what a great friend you have been to Angie. By the way, loving your pictures! Wow! Isn't it great to have so many Photo oportunities everywhere you look!
    To respond to your very insightful observation, Yes Kaylie does look like my Angie and on this very trip to visit our little angel, MIchelle was commenting on that very thing. Certain little things about her are so Angie. She is a beauty for sure!