11 April 2011

weekend, how you spoil me.

i thrive on structure and routine during the week, but the weekend is a different story. by the time it shows itself, i am not interested in being bound by a schedule. the last two weekends, i have avoided making plans in favor of seeing where the days naturally take me and i am finding that this approach works so well for me. the weekend somehow manages to be active while maintaining a long, lazy feel.

this weekend filled itself with a saturday morning at joe (where a little girl told me that my latte and croissant made "such an elegant breakfast!"), a late afternoon walk from the west side to the east, dinner with friends, a trip to the farmer's market, biscuits from clinton street, a long chat with my granny, and weather so nice i left my windows wide open. funny how something so simple as fresh air can make such a difference.


  1. Cute comment from that little girl! Lovely photos, as always.

  2. your pictures are getting better and better and better. just a little encouragement for your photography venture in the city. i'll just keep dreaming of coming to visit and bringing my own camera along :)