13 April 2011

it's a rainy wednesday. but i am thinking happy thoughts.

so why not write them down?

1. the 8:45 bedtime i had last night. i feel so good today.

2. the anticipation of my family's visit. only 15 days now!

3. re-reading woolf's to the lighthouse for the hundredth time. it's so real, so raw, so perfect.  
 it makes me think, "yes, exactly!" over and over again. 

4. going to the airport. i was in one earlier this week and am certain that the film love actually got it right: love is all around you when you are standing in the arrivals terminal of an airport. 

5. reading old journal entries. they make me laugh at myself. 

6. exchanging a smile with a stranger on the subway, on the sidewalk, in the line at the coffeeshop. bonus points if i get to talk to a baby or small child.

7. giant puddles + my yellow wellies. 


  1. Oh, cute animated gif!! I love that!

    I had a "smile exchange" with a stranger on the bus, and it reminded me how much I love it when I connect with people in this city and that I need to do it more often.

    I love your happy thoughts! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your optimism and outlook on life is contagious. Thank you! Sometimes it's too easy to flit by some of life's most important little pieces!