14 February 2011

love notes on valentine's day.

dear family, 
i love you.

dear friends, 
i love you for the joy and understanding you bring to my life.

dear new york, 
i love you for challenging me and teaching me things i've never learned about myself and the world. 

dear where-i'm-at-in-life,
i love the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment you give me. 

dear reader,
i love you for reading my daily musings. i'd write them down even if i knew no one cared but me, but you make it much more fun.


  1. Oh thank you for my first Valentine of the day!

    I love you!

    Might those be Bakerella cake balls? Oh so pretty and you are oh so adorable!


  2. Happy Valentine's day to YOU! Your face + cake bites = awesome. Xoxo, A