21 February 2011

books & brunch + a subway story.

once upon a time, it was a saturday night, i had lived in nyc for ten days, and i was sitting on a subway thinking it would be fun to join a book club. then the subway got stuck, and i got bored and started talking to the stranger next to me. i told her i was new in town and wanted to find a book club. she said her book club was meeting the next day and did i want to come, too?

and that's how i came to join books & brunch. one morning a month, i get to talk books and jobs and boys over brunch (my favorite) with girls that live and work all across this big city. i find myself discovering books and restaurants i've never heard of, and i've met friends i probably wouldn't have otherwise.

serendipity, i love you. 

{chat n chew's orange maple butter french toast}

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  1. You just put me in the mood to watch Serendipity for some serendipatiousness! I love you!