16 January 2011


endless hot tea and reading and walks in the park and bookstore browsing and movie nights and hot chocolate mean that i have been wintering all weekend long.


1. Saturday morning in the park.
2. Angie's pretty colors.
3. Never too old for grilled cheese + tomato soup for dinner on a cold day.
4. How have I never seen this before today? The Sailors and Soldiers Monument near my apartment.
5. My new favorite tea: Duchess Grey from Trader Joe's.
6. These kids are just so cute in the snow. I love that sled!
7. Afternoon at the Reservoir.


  1. Thanks for posting all the snow pics. I with you-I LOVE the stuff! It definitely makes NYC look a lot more beautiful in the winter.

    Other loves we share? Tea in winter. Grilled cheese + tomato soup. Never too old.

  2. I don't know how you do it but you are still managing to capture different aspects of a NYC winter. I'm with you, I love that boy's sled! And is that homemade tomato soup I see nestled beside that yummy looking grilled cheese?