05 January 2011

things that are good.

hello there! if the first five days of 2011 are any indication, this is going to be one busy year. this week alone, i have soaked up the last of my trip home to sc (amazing), enjoyed a few days in nyc with my first friend* mollie and her boyfriend austin (so fun), and settled back into life and work (i love a routine). 

*mollie and i met in pre-school when we were two. we were both in the purple pandas class and, well, it was best friendship at first circle time. 

1. day trip to charleston and my school is pretty.
2. emory and i reunited with our coffee-love, kudu.
3. my best friend is more joyful than your best friend.
4. we went to the toy store...
5. and austin was a good boyfriend and bought mollie a bear...
6. and then he took us out for sushi and her to a broadway show. what a trooper.

i'd say this year is off to a good start. i've already had two visitors, snow is on the ground, and i've got a good feeling.

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