10 December 2010

the windows at lord & taylor.

i've been fascinated by the department store windows ever since i first 
saw the windows at bergdorf goodman. i browsed lord & taylor 
this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised by their old-fashioned charm. bergdorf's
 windows are fashionable and elaborate, lord & taylor's are simple and nostalgic.

the inspiration for lord & taylor's windows is my favorite part: they collected
 nyc christmas memories from employees, shoppers, and facebook and each 
window represents two memories. it was so neat to see a variety of memories 
spanning the last century represented, from a disco christmas party in the 1970s
 to the family who has been driving out of the city for 30 years to cut down their own tree. 

one of the stories was told by a young woman who lives in a 350 square foot studio
 in the city and decorates her fire escape instead of decking her halls. this story 
could have been told by me or any of my friends here, but that's the point, 
right? well done, lord & taylor. 


  1. I love these! I am having such a hard time picking a favorite! The movement of Santa and his sleigh, the dog ears on the TV (we had those when I was a kid!), the baking scene with astronaut boy (the wall paper looks just like your dress in the pictures we took at Grimaldi's) and your focus on "Christmas is all about family"! They are awesome! In my opinion, Lord and Taylor's windows beat Bergdorf's by a mile! What kind of drugs were those Bergdorf's designers on anyway?

    I am expecting grand pictures from the Metropolitan Museum of Art! XOXO

  2. This display really is incredible. I still need to post about Saks and Macy's, but I think this one is hard to beat!!

    And p.s. just wait til you see what Saks has done. You think Bergdorf's are weird....

  3. I loved that these ones had so much meaning behind them. Plus they were super elaborate!