15 December 2010


1. Just another girls' night. This time we made up a Peppermint Bark Brownie recipe. And by made up, I mean we used a Chocolate Chip Brownie recipe and substituted the bark for the chips. Yum. You should try it.

2. Angie's calendar. Her mother-in-law made it and I want one really bad.

3. Teague and Crews' grandparents, Nana Pam and Papa Bobby, came to town and showed me the love. We went to dinner at Bobby Van's, rode in a car (which I never do), and had enough fun to inspire Whitney to book her ticket to visit before the night was over.

4. Even my office building is festive. I am so pleased.

5. Homemade Nutella Hot Chocolate. So dangerous, but so good.

6. My boss brought me this elephant ornament from Cambodia "because I know you like Christmas." I think I am earning a reputation around here....


  1. Oh how I love these "things"! Especially the Advent Calender! Angie's Ma-in-Law must be soooo talented! Your elephant ornament is too cute and must be adorable on your tree! Nutella Hot Chocholate?? OMG!! Can't wait to try! Enjoy Heidi! Love!!

  2. Your boss is so thoughtful! That elephant rocks the house.

  3. Haha, I saw the first pic and thought, "Those look good! I wonder when she made them!" then I realized.... oh yeah, I was there for that. Okay.


    The hot chocolate looks Ahhhhhmazing. I thought you took the photo at a restaurant.

    And that's so cute your boss brought you that! How nice! And her comment made me laugh. "I know you like Christmas." Doesn't everybody?

  4. oh my word! i'm totally trying the nutella hot chocolate tomorrow! thanks for sharing that :) i love to read about your comings and goings in the nyc. it just makes me happy!