09 November 2010

what my tuesday looked like.

1. a work project took me up to columbia's campus first thing this morning. the air was extra crisp, the leaves were extra crunchy, and i sort of forgot how much i love a bustling college campus in the fall.  2. my usual morning commute finds me stuffed into a crowded subway, but a morning spent uptown meant that i missed rush hour. it seems that once the work crowd gets where it's going, the moms and babies go adventuring. 3. i love the subway. even if i didn't have to take it, i probably still would. it's so interesting. 4. soup and skaters in bryant park. 5. sneaking in girl time in the middle of a tuesday = always a good idea. 6. i made my third trip to the public library in four days. it never gets old. and, just so you know, i am not a total nerd: sometimes i go for work and sometimes i go for me. 7. my last glimpse of this afternoon before getting on the subway. it was after 4 pm and i knew it would be nearly dark when i arrived home twenty minutes later. 8. i was right.


  1. Ahhh!!! I feel the changes in NY from here! The trees, the air, and the way people are dressed in your pictures tell me so much! Love, love, love!

  2. Love it! I love the glimpses of your day. I need to document my life better! This is great. And I cannot believe how early it got dark today. UUUGGGGHHH! Not cool. I need to just embrace the night instead of feeling like the day is over as soon as it gets dark. :)