21 November 2010

the weekend.

weekends give me an entirely different set of things to be thankful for. things like...

*the sound of jazz music filling my apartment on a sunday morning. 

*long phone conversations with my family and friends.

*a clean apartment and fresh laundry.

*blissful saturdays, like the one i had yesterday: harry potter in the morning, followed by a shake shack picnic in the park. i did laundry in the afternoon, made up a pumpkin soup recipe last night, and definitely watched the notebook. and maybe tristan and isolde, too.

*ugg boots and crunchy leaves.

*staying in bed as long as i want.

*the time to linger in the park til my fingers are numb and i have realized just how many shades of orange there actually are. 


  1. The park is so beautiful right now and so are your pictures and so are you! thanks for being the awesome person you are!

  2. I love seeing the transformation of the park through your lens. There is not a week that goes by that I don't talk about Central Park to someone. We just told Grandpa last night how amazing it is! I love you!

  3. I LOVE Tristan and Isolde! Can we please watch it the next time we see each other?