28 November 2010

it really is illegal to pump your own gas in new jersey.

once upon a time, i was a junior in college, went on a class trip to d.c., and made a friend named kimmy, also known as kiko (a nickname given to her by kids we both babysat in college). for the rest of college, we took the same classes, shared babysitting jobs, and bonded over dr. parson stories at five loaves.

if i ever had a bad day, i could call kimmy and she would talk me through it, make me laugh, and say, "kiko time is happy time." and she was right. she's a funny one, that kimmy. 

which is why, when i found out that she would be visiting her parents in new jersey for thanksgiving, i planned a day trip out to see her. a dose of her crazy-hilarious sense of humor, an elf quote here, and a jersey accent* there were all that i needed to top off this thanksgiving weekend.

*she says she doesn't have one, but i really think she does. barely, but it's there.

1. this is a face that i have been missing for months. 2. kimmy's hometown is beautiful and quaint, so don't let her try to tell you that "nothing is there." 3. it's illegal to pump your own gas in new jersey, so you don't even have to feel guilty when you sit inside your warm car while someone does it for you. 4. our trip to wawa was the biggest part of our day. she has been telling me about its coffee for years and i sort of thought that it was a coffee shop, but when we pulled up, it wasn't. "yeah, no, it's a dirty little gas station, but they have the best coffee!" she said. 5. she wiped out their hazelnut coffee selection. 6. wawa really is as good as she promised! 7.  the folks at wawa don't even know about the free advertisement this girl gives them. 8. we ate the last of the pie. 9, 10, 11, 12. kimmy's mom has created a winter wonderland in their sunroom. i think i will take this up as a hobby when i grow up, too. 13. just me and kimmy. and i love her. 14. and i love christmas.


  1. Oh what a beautiful visit! I hope you take Kim's mom's offer to come back to help her make Christmas cookies! Such a pretty home and the coffee story just makes me laugh! A gas station??

  2. Looks like such a fun day! I can't believe it's illegal to pump your own gas there! What?! I could get used to that though, it sounds nice!