23 November 2010


...to my little apartment.  it's cozy, charming, and close to the park. my neighbors are friendly and i have a pretty view. home is really important to me and a big part of my happiness. it's my own little spot in this big, big city.


  1. THE FROG!!! I love this post. Because I love your apartment. And you.

  2. It's about time! I saw more of your apartment on Angie's blog than yours! I just love this little place so much! It suits you perfectly and you have made it your own with all your unique touches that say "Alexa". Gorgeous! Just like you!

  3. I love you apartment. It is by far the most welcoming and cozy apartment in NYC. {Obviously you knew I thought that because I was all snuggled up in your bed in less than 10 minutes of being there}