03 October 2010

new york in the fall is my true love of a city-season.

i just can't get enough of this city, this season, and everything that the combination of the two inspires me to do. 

this weekend was my first feeling truly immersed in my life here. i spent all day saturday riding bikes with emory's-friend-simon-that-has-become-my-friend-simon. we rode all over the place, from midtown to south street seaport to central park's loop and back--18.4 miles in total! we even took a post-loop break for popsicles and people watching in the park.

today was a perfect sunday and began in the very best way...brunch! we had a potluck brunch at angie's and she totally wowed us with her creations: caramel apple cinnamon rolls and spinach mushroom quiche. she also served apple cider, which completed my morning.  needless to say, my fruit plate and yogurt marshmallow dip just couldn't compare. 

during brunch, we finalized our plans to make a trip up to sleepy hollow around halloween and i bought my ticket this afternoon. i am so excited for all of the holidays here and am really loving all of the new things i will get to experience simply by living in a different area. 

i also got to chat with both emory and mollie today, which made me really happy. i miss them both so much and love hearing what is going on in their worlds. emory is newly-wedding in williamsburg and getting ready to start her new job at william and mary. mollie will start medical school interviews in december.  i am living in my own little dream and love that my friends are living in theirs.

i am nearly four weeks into life here and i think, if i was going to be homesick, i would feel it by now. instead, i am settling right in. i love my job and get excited about what i am working on every day. i have been blessed to make friends right away and they are always including me in their fun plans. i have found a family to babysit for and i have memorized the subway map. strangely, i haven't felt any further away from my family than i did when i lived in charleston. in fact, i think we talk even more now, which i didn't really think was possible. i think it may have something to do with my dad worrying about his firstborn in the big city :) i joke, but i love it. it is good to be missed.

and whitney emails me several times a week, so i always feel connected to my charleston loves, too. 

life is good.

and autumn in new york is lovely.

 {first signs of fall}


  1. I can't wait see all of your same pictures in the winter and spring! I am sure you will find that you will have other "True love of a city-seasons"! Snow for your birthday perhaps??

  2. Like Christy said, I think you will find every season and time of year in New York to be magical. I was amazed last year as the time went by how every season was as magical as the last. There is just no place like New York.

    And your marshmallow fruit dip was AMAZING! I'm glad you brought it, we needed something at least a little bit healthy to contrast my sinful creations. haha.