21 September 2010

(upper) west side story.

 fall is in swing and i am all settled in. i usually thrive in my routines, but am taking a different
 approach here: with my job as my single source of structure, i use every free moment to explore. i 
take a different route to work every day and wander aimlessly home. i am fascinated by everything 
and am having way too much fun getting know this city.

i have found that i am most drawn to central park and there has not been a single day that i have 
not been there.  i walked through it twice today and i have already lost count of the times i have 
walked from west to east and back again. i just can't get enough. 

and i have fallen in love with the flower stands lining the sidewalks. sunflowers, roses, and gerbera daisies wave from every corner. it's such a tiny detail of life in this place, yet it makes me smile every time. 

two weeks in and i am smitten.


  1. Oh my! I am so excited I can hardly get through the rest of this week. I talked to my mom yesteday and she revealed to me that it was 1990 when I was last in NYC. She was there just starting as a flight attendant and I went to visit. Yikes! 20 years...way to long. I can't wait to see you! XOXOXO

  2. I absolutely looooooove Trader Joe's and I'm so sad they don't have one in Charleston (actually I was excited when I found one nearby, but then realized it was a furniture store :( Ohhhh and I'm even MORE excited to see you! You're studio apt. is so cheerful and is crying out for visitors :P