04 September 2010

emory's granny's peach cobbler.

dear emory,

do you remember that early summer day, when i wished that i had a homemade cobbler recipe? you drove me straight to the grocery store, bought a bag full of peaches, and then taught me your granny's ways. the ingredients for the filling went something like this:

7-ish peaches
a handful of sugar
probably 3 pinches of all-purpose flour
3 squirts of lemon juice
3 pats of butter 
one chunk of butter

and i loved your granny for being so southern and adorable. it was too early in the season for the peaches to be perfect, but we didn't care. it was good anyway.

well, now it is late summer, the peaches are finally perfect, and all weekend long, in between packing and plan-making, i am playing a little game i like to call "what can i make with everything in my cupboard?". 

which is how i found myself buying a bag full of peaches and making your granny's peach cobbler. it's not as fun as when you were here, but i think it turned out well and i can't wait to debut it tonight, when i meet friends at sunrise park for a potluck and bocce ball.  

isn't it pretty and aren't you proud?



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