28 September 2010


in my mind, chinatown has bright lights and red lanterns. in reality, it is dark and dirty and smells weird and has eels in tanks and ducks hanging in windows.

i now realize that i have sort of been imagining disney world's china pavilion. it really doesn't matter what it looks like, though, because it tastes amazing. 


  1. When Colin and I lived in San Francisco, our apartment was in the Richmond district which is also known as "New" Chinatown. It wasn't quite as dirty as "Old" Chinatown, but it smelled funny and had critters, both dead and alive, everywhere. One of my favorite things was going to the smoothie/shake shops and getting the drinks with the huge tapioca pearls and the enormous straws. And just like your Chinatown, the food was killer!

  2. You got some fun pictures and made it look a lot less gross than it really is! Haha. New York may not have the prettiest, most colorful, or best smelling Chinatown.... but I think it's probably the most authentic. ;)