01 August 2010

a very southern saturday.

with whitney's mom ("nana pam") in town for the week, there have been some very specific food requests. nana pam is from mississippi and she knows how to cook.

 last night's feast featured her fried chicken, mashed potatoes, lima beans, squash, strawberry cake, and my grandmother's banana pudding.

and then there were nana pam's biscuits and tomato gravy. 

 ohmygoodness. they were so good, i forgot to eat any chicken.
{crews skipped dinner altogether and went straight for the banana pudding}

{the spread}
{notice there is no chicken on my plate}
the after-dinner conversation was hilarious and i got to play with the kids. it was a perfect saturday night!

{this kid kept me laughing}

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  1. :) i had such a good time. i felt very lucky to be surrounded by family and friends, and fatty food.
    ps. crews' diaper peeping through his jammies in that last shot is priceless.