24 August 2010

scenes from a friday (part three}

after a morning atop the empire state building and a ferry ride to staten island, the afternoon found us wandering the financial district. 
we spent a few sobering moments at ground zero, where my own reaction surprised me. i remember everything about that day, from the images replaying over and over to being 13 and scared in ms. helms' south carolina history class. but not once in nearly nine years have i felt the way i did when i stood in that place. it was an important moment, to be there.
this city is beautiful and quirky and important.


and by twilight, we were exhausted and starving. which is how we found ourselves eating pizza at grimaldi's under the brooklyn bridge. the line was long, the tables were small, and nothing has ever tasted so good. 

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  1. What a creative post and thoughtful post. I also remember everything about that sad day. We lived just a few miles from the Pentagon then. "We shall never forget."