22 August 2010

scenes from a friday {part one}

my friday began at grand central station and ended under the brooklyn bridge. yes, friday saw me all over this city.

after checking out grand central station, heidi and i walked to what we thought was the empire state building.  

except that when we got there, it said chrysler building and when i asked the guard why it is famous he said, "because it's the chrysler building."

so there.

i didn't mind the mix-up at all, though, because the path between the two buildings is peppered with charm: flower marts, sidewalk art, and rooftop gardens.



  1. Full of envy, Is that a bad thing?

  2. When I first moved here, I also thought the Chrystler Building was the Empire State Building. Glad i'm not the only one. My eye doctor's office is in the Chrystler Building, can we say that's why it's famous? ;)