13 August 2010

i love mornings because...

...there is a peace that comes with being awake before (most) everyone else.

...the day is still fresh with possibility.

...waking up tangled in my white sheets and under my feather cloud will always be one of my favorite feelings.

...brunch is my favorite meal.

...my mind is rested and sharp.

...morning air is always crisp, even in summer, and morning winter air is perfection.

...i love a cotton candy colored sky.

... coffee never tastes so good as with that first steaming sip.

...i think my books read better, too.

1 comment:

  1. AGREED. I am so happy you're a morning person. I love morning. More people should appreciate the morning. Actually, maybe we should keep it an exclusive club, the solitude is one of the best things about it!