25 August 2010

first dessert.

judge if you like, but we ate dessert twice on saturday.

i made reservations a week in advance for a late lunch at serendipity, but we couldn't help stopping by dylan's candy bar on our way. i mean, we were in the neighborhood...
and fully aware that we would be sipping frozen hot chocolate in less than an hour, we ordered cupcakes: s'mores, cosmopolitan, boston cream, red velvet, and cookies-n-cream.

i am happy to report that we unanimously agreed: 

dylan's cupcakes are WAY better than the ones we had from magnolia's.

we'll call it first dessert.


  1. I didn't know they sold Crumbs cupcakes at Dylans! This is a dangerous revelation. Crumbs are the best cupcakes in the city (in my humble opinion), and Dylans is just around the corner from where I work! Oh dear.

    And I don't know why Magnolias cupcakes get all this hype, they're not good. Other desserts at magnolia are so much better.

  2. Sweet. As well as sugar-high sweet!