22 July 2010

adventure in the great wide somewhere.

my one-year-ago self was on the brink of adventure in the great wide somewhere.

i was on a plane to ireland, where i would study celtic mythology and irish folklore. i would read irish literature where it was written. i would visit the 8th century monasteries responsible for producing the earliest examples of english literature.

translation: i was living the (english major's) dream.

 it was magical.

maybe best of all was my recognition of the magic as it happened, because today, as i think of my one-year-ago self and the then-unknown adventures that awaited me, i remember the way it felt to live in the moment and wake up every morning knowing that i was in the midst of a story i would tell for the rest of my life.

about the summer i was twenty-one and read my way through ireland.

{"you are my eyes. see all you can." -- my dad, just before i got on the plane.}

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