22 June 2010

omaha, part one.

i spent the weekend watching my brother play baseball in omaha {where steak can be cut with a fork, the weather can change in five minutes, and the airport is actually in iowa}.

i woke up the first morning to blue skies and sunshine. perfect weather for a full morning of baseball, i thought.


just as the boys were warming up on the field, i noticed a dark spot in the clouds and even sent my dad a text joking about a tornado coming. within minutes, the temperature dropped 15 degrees and the winds picked up to 60 mph. the clouds were swirling and the sky seemed to be folding into itself. it was very dramatic.

and within the hour, we were back to blue skies and baseball.

it was crazy.

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  1. I'm back-reading (and loving it!). I just had to say these shots are uh-maaaazing! :)