25 January 2018

boy brown.

francis lafayette 
our sunday love
our gentle dove of a boy
born january twenty first
seven pounds three ounces
all chins and cheeks and coos


time expands and time contracts. 

friday, and you're standing in the kitchen, humming along to django reinhardt and stirring an old fashioned for your husband in a cab from the airport, and waters rush. saturday, and he murmurs peter and wendy as you labor long and labor hard. sunday, and birth takes you to the end of yourself and brings you back and carries you home. 

arrival of the birds.
arrival of the bird.

skin to skin, and it's like it has always been this way (it has). like stardust. like singing. like a map of the universe. like vows under a magnolia tree. like umbilicus. like the origin of the world. like the birth of a mama and papa.


  1. Sweetest words for the sweetest boy -- congratulations both!

  2. A Sunday's child, bonnie and blithe! This news fills me right up; joy upon joy upon joy to you. ❤︎